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Best Texas Hunting Experience Available

Currently we guide and outfit hunts on more than 60,000 acres on Intensively Managed Ranches that are designed specifically for the Best Hunting Experience Available.

We book hunts with the goal of making every hunter’s hunt the best one they have ever been on. We offer hunts for deer over 200 B&C for the trophy hunter, corporate groups, family hunts, and youth hunts. We cater to the corporate groups to not only provide an excellent hunt, but to ensure friendly camaraderie that will develop long lasting relationships with their clients.

I employ a staff of experienced guides that can age and score deer on the hoof while providing the hunter an entertaining and successful hunt. Our cooks offer some of the best Texas has to offer and will keep you full during your stay!

Score & Cost

All hunts are fully guided including meals, lodging drinks and game cleaning. All scores listed are Gross B&C.
Under 120 B&C$2250.00
120-140 B&C$3000.00
140-150 B&C$4750.00
150-160 B&C$6000.00
160-170 B&C $7750.00
170-200 B&C$8750.00 plus $100.00 per inch over 170 B&C
200-220 B&C$11750.00 plus $125.00 per inch over 200 B&C
220-240 B&C$14750.00 plus $150.00 per inch over 220 B&C
Over 240 B&CPriced Individually

*All exotic, hog and meat hunts are priced depending on group size and location.
Call Greg to book your hunt today.

Greg Gonsoulin, Owner
(409) 454-1375

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